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Individuals, Partnerships and Trusts

With various sources of income and the introduction of new tax credits, personal taxes can be complex. Contact us to maximize your return and plan for the future.

CRA Audit Consulting

Assist with communication and the resolution of issues with the CRA

Personal T1 Return

Prepare annual T1 tax returns and related schedules, including: 

  • T2125 - Business or Professional Income

  • T776 - Real Estate Rentals 

  • Schedule 3 - Capital Gains and Losses

Tax planning

Provide tax planning strategies for:

  • Retirement and estate planning

  • Succession planning

  • RRSP, TFSA and investments

  • Income splitting

  • Incorporation vs. sole proprietorship

Underused Housing Tax

Prepare UHT returns, for qualifying individuals and partnerships owning residential real estate

Government Remittances

Prepare government remittances for sole proprietors

Trust T3 Return

Prepare T3 annual trust tax returns


For income tax purposes, a partnership is a relationship rather than a legal entity. Each partner needs to report their share on their own income tax return. However, there may also be filings required by the partnership itself, such as: 


For GST/HST purposes, a partnership is considered to be a separate entity. It may be required to register for and collect GST/HST if it provides taxable supplies. 

T5013 Return

If a partnership meets certain criteria in terms of ownership, income or activities during the period, it may need to file a T5013 - Statement of Partnership Income return.

Underused Housing Tax

Any person who owns a residential property as a partner of a partnership must file a UHT return.

Shaking Hands

Partnership arrangements can be complex. Navigate your way to compliance with us.

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No one likes to do taxes - except accountants.

Leave your taxes with us. You're in good hands. 

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